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 August 15, 2018

Those in attendance: Ali Sahebi (Iran), Al Zamel (Kuwait), Katina Diano-Vandenbroeck (Philippines), Jean Seville Suffield (Canada), Susan Fleming (Australia), Masaki Kakitani (Japan), Denzyl Wibooi (South Africa), John Cooper (Board Chair), and Kim Olver (WGI ED).

We had another productive and positive meeting. John and Kim shared the discussions of the International Board in Bogota. The Board is excited to restructure and become more representative of our membership by all MOs having representation on the board, instead of just large geographic areas being represented. We know we want to be an umbrella organization that creates standards to protect the quality of the work being done, provides an International presence for MOs to reference, and helps connect MOs with the exciting things that are happening other countries. WGI does not want to piecemeal this, nor do we want to decide everything without MO input. We plan to get a draft package together of what we are thinking and once this is complete and agreed upon, we will send it out for your comments, questions, suggestions and feedback. Stay tuned.

The following information was provided from those present:

Australia: Australia is preparing to present a new Glasser Quality School. How exciting, congratulations!

Canada: Canada has created a new product featuring the highlights of the 2018 International conference, available on the Glasser Canada website. They have also revamped their Ventures program and are offering one-year free membership to those you paid for pervious memberships due to technical difficulties accessing the site. These issues have been corrected and they want their customers to enjoy what Ventures offers. Excellent customer service!

Iran: Iran has had some financial issues and is currently asking for some adjustment to the cost of faculty membership. With their financial crisis, owing mainly to US economic sanctions, the $75 for faculty membership is equivalent to the average person’s monthly salary! Iran is doing an excellent with research, showing the efficacy of Choice Theory and its many applications. Thank you!

Japan: Japan was happy to report they were gearing up for their 2018 conference the week following our meeting and were expecting 190 participants. I haven’t heard yet how it went but I imagine it was an excellent conference. Masaki was also pleased to report Japan has chosen the dates for the 2022 International Conference. From July 27 to 30, 2022, the International Conference will be in Tokyo, Japan. Be sure to mark your calendars and thanks to Japan for the early notice!

Kuwait: This is one of the fastest growing areas and an area where a lot of training is taking place. The people of the Middle East are discussing creating their own umbrella organization to serve the Gulf Region. In the last six months, there have been 22 workshops completed in Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Egypt with a total of 232 participants. Two-hundred thirty-two people took a basic training, 46 had advanced and 13 were certified. They held 24 faculty workshops and produced five new instructors. Great job!

Philippines: They have had some challenges getting training going but they had Jean Suffield there in April and are inviting her again before the close of the year to do some more training to get things jumped started there. Wishing you well.

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