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Advanced Practicum Policy

The following outline of requirements is provided here to show the type of content that should be presented. It is not the latest.

Advanced Practicum Requirements

  1. 6 case studies using a minimum of four clients
  2. 2 presentations including the one for summer
  3. A journal to be kept, 3 extracts from which are to be submitted
  4. Ethics: final revision
  5. “Choice Theory”: a creative critique of an aspect of the book that appealed to you showing what impact it had on your life
  6. “Reality Therapy in Action” (or paperback version: “Counselling with Choice Theory): a creative review of the book highlighting the aspects of Reality Therapy used in the cases
  7. In the case of “Reality Therapy in Action” already having been studied at Basic Practicum level then “What are you doing?” will be substituted
  8. A review of a third book. Drawn from “The Quality School”, “The Quality School Teacher”, “Getting Together and Staying Together”, “The Control Theory Manager”, “Every Student Can Succeed”, “What is this thing called Love?”
  9. It is highly recommended that all of Dr. Glasser’s books should be read.



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The William Glasser Institute Ireland is a non-profit making body established in 1987 to help plan and co-ordinate courses in Reality Therapy, Choice Theory psychology, Quality School Education, Lead Management and Personal Well-being. Our goal is to help people improve the quality of their personal lives and relationships through the promotion and teaching of Choice Theory psychology and its areas of application.

Reality Therapy is the counselling approach based on Choice Theory psychology.

Choice Theory psychology offers a whole new perspective on life:

Quotes from Glasser

It is hard, if not impossible, to love someone who wants to control and change you or someone you want to control and change.

— William Glasser, Choice Theory, 1998, 35