Take Charge of Your Life Workshop: SOLD OUT!

An interactive workshop based on the book, “Take Charge of Your Life
introducing Choice Theory psychology as created by Dr. William Glasser


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This workshop attracted over seventy enthusiastic participants and all seemed to enjoy the day, a day packed with ideas about Choice Theory psychology and how to apply it to your life.  This is obviously a popular format and we would hope that more workshops can be arranged in the future and probably in different parts of the country.


Photos above courtesy of Norah Finn


What the Take Charge of Your Life workshop is all about …


Learn how to take charge of your life
Understand your feelings such as anger, anxiety, depression
Find the difference between your needs and your wants
See how thinking, doing, feeling and physiology are linked
Choose more positive thinking behaviours
Become more self-accepting and less critical of others
Approach your important relationships in a different way
Take your happiness seriously

SATURDAY 10th NOVEMBER, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Scoil Aoife CNS, Citywest Drive, Citywest, Dublin 24

GPS: N 53º 17.107” – W 06º 25.077”

Coffees or teas (included) will be on site. Lunch is available nearby.
This workshop was facilitated by Brian Lennon a Senior Faculty member of William Glasser International and is a course fully approved by William Glasser International


Photos from Naas

Photos thanks to Norah Finn



MO Connection Newsletter
 August 15, 2018

Those in attendance: Ali Sahebi (Iran), Al Zamel (Kuwait), Katina Diano-Vandenbroeck (Philippines), Jean Seville Suffield (Canada), Susan Fleming (Australia), Masaki Kakitani (Japan), Denzyl Wibooi (South Africa), John Cooper (Board Chair), and Kim Olver (WGI ED).

We had another productive and positive meeting. John and Kim shared the discussions of the International Board in Bogota. The Board is excited to restructure and become more representative of our membership by all MOs having representation on the board, instead of just large geographic areas being represented. We know we want to be an umbrella organization that creates standards to protect the quality of the work being done, provides an International presence for MOs to reference, and helps connect MOs with the exciting things that are happening other countries. WGI does not want to piecemeal this, nor do we want to decide everything without MO input. We plan to get a draft package together of what we are thinking and once this is complete and agreed upon, we will send it out for your comments, questions, suggestions and feedback. Stay tuned.