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  • Where: Our twentieth convention was given online using Zoom
  • Date: on Saturday 20th March 2021
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Our online convention opened officially at 14:30 and we were delighted to announce that one of the champions of traditional Irish music will play a piece of our beautiful music for you. Zoë Conway was voted Folk Musician of the Year by our national broadcaster in 2020. Zoë has played all around the world including Carnegie Hall and the Kremlin Palace. She played two beautiful pieces together with her husband John McIntyre.

15 countries represented and over 120 participants. A true celebration of our TWENTIETH ANNUAL CONVENTION.


New Process Glasser Quality Schools/ Choice Theory Schools – Bette Blance (New Zealand)

This presentation will outline the process being used in a large primary school in Auckland New Zealand to influence staff to make the shift from classroom and school practices that reflect External Control Psychology to a Choice Theory Classroom. This approach reflects some of the phases outlined in the William Glasser International policy document Glasser Quality School: Process in Action. The familiarisation phase outlined in this document led to a newly designed process introducing the notion of a GQS/CTS for all 30 staff. The principal wanted to keep her whole staff together to continue training and this desire was accommodated through means different from the traditional training process. Early indications show that many teachers are thinking and acting differently because of this approach.

Bette Blance, a passionate Kiwi from Aotearoa New Zealand became a follower of Dr Glasser’s work after she read Schools Without Failure as a young teacher. As a school deputy principal, in her work with teacher education students at Griffith University, Australia, as an education consultant and a member of the William Glasser international Board Bette has worked with these ideas to encourage schools to make the shift from external control practices to those based on Choice Theory Psychology. Having visited both Huntington Woods in the USA, Sunshine Beach State School. Australia and Colombia’s Colegio Rochester Glasser Quality Schools and as part of the co-verification team at Peregian Springs School in Queensland Australia which become a Glasser Quality School in 2019, Bette has a clear picture of what is possible and keeps the vision strong.

Formulation in Reality Therapy – Boba Lojk (Slovenia)

Formulation is an aproach that is based on the specific theoretical frameworks of understanding and explains a client’s problems. The relationship between the reality therapist and client is based on two entirely different beliefs: external control psychology beliefs and choice theory beliefs. When using formulation , a therapist explain to the client their own understnding of the client’s curent situation. The formulation arrived at as such is agreed upon with the client, easy to understand, specific to the client situation and continuously allows for the verification of the accuracy of initial information. It begins in the moment a client begins to tell their story and continues until the end of therapy. Formulation enable therapist to offer the client possibility to replace their external control pyschology beliefs with choice theory beliefs which is the aim of reality therapy.

Bosiljka Boba Lojk is a social worker, reality therapy psychotherapist and William Glasser International Senior Faculty. She is the director of training at the European Institute for Reality Therapy. Together with her late husband Leon, she developed a five-year programme to obtain the title of reality therapy psychotherapist and a four-year programme to obtain the title of reality therapy counsellor. Boba serves as the general secretary of the European Association for Reality Therapy (EART). She has worked in the field of reality therapy for 36 years, and has taught in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland and Malta since 1990. She has developed a new, original approach to teaching reality therapy based on personal experiences. Boba is the author of numerous articles and the co-author of several books.

The Fuzzy Logic of Choice – Brian Lennon (Ireland)

Exploring the way we use logic that is not entirely conscious or logical in our daily choices. The total knowledge filter in Choice Theory psychology is not a two-dimensional dictionary-like thing. It has its own inner logic network connecting concepts. In this presentation Brian explores beyond the limits of conventional logic claiming that we do not always make our choices based on the obvious premises of logic.

Brian Lennon did his Basic training with Dr. Glasser and has been an advanced instructor since 1989. He worked as a guidance counsellor and psychologist until retiring in 2009. He is founder and Chairperson Emeritus of William Glasser International. He is a Fellow of the William Glasser Institute Ireland and a Fellow of the Irish Institute of Guidance Counsellors. He recently published “The Practice of Reality Therapy” and “The Practice of Choice Theory Psychology” as well as editing the “Choice Theory in Action Series”.

Mental Freedom – Kim Olver (USA)

When you ask most people whose behavior can they control, they all know the answer is their own. But when you follow up with the question, “Whose behavior do you try to control all day long,” those same people will answer, “Everyone else’s.” I have developed Mental Freedom as a psychoeducational approach to operationally define and implement Choice Theory and beyond in your life. Mental Freedom is built on a strong foundation of Choice Theory. I discovered the six main pillars of Mental Freedom through using them in the many challenges of my own life for maximum peace and satisfaction. I want to share them with you so if you find value in them, you can use them, too.

Kim Olver is a speaker, author and coach. She has two award-winning books, Secrets of Happy Couples and Choosing Me Now, as well as A Choice Theory Guide to Relationships and Leveraging Diversity at Work. Kim’s background is counseling–she worked 5 years in a community residential program with people who had schizophrenia and 17 years in a specialized foster care agency. Kim then started her own business, Coaching for Excellence, and moved from rural Pennsylvania to Chicago. From 2010 to 2020, Kim was the Executive Director of WGI-US. From 2013 to present, she serves as the ED for William Glasser International. She loves Choice Theory and uses it in her life constantly.

Don’t underestimate the power of the Feeling Wheel! – Arthur Dunne (Ireland)

Choice Theory explains how we can gain best control of our lives if we put our energy into what we can control directly – our actions and our thoughts. However, this can lead to misunderstandings about the role of feelings in Reality Theory, and this workshop invites participants to engage with the challenge and the power of working with feelings within the RTCT model.

Arthur Dunne is a Senior Faculty member of WGI and is an accredited Reality Therapy Psychotherapist. His main professional interest has been working with troubled adolescents as a school guidance counsellor.

All behaviour is purposeful. What does this mean for us in our work? – Jimmie Woods (Ireland)

The workshop will seek to explore some thoughts around this very important Choice Theory idea and examine how it differs from other understandings of behaviour which view it as a response to external causes. We will look at it’s implications for the way we work with clients and understand our own lives. The workshop will examine how this links in with the idea of a negative feedback loop and examine the purposes of behaviour, specifically, how it is designed to balance the scales by acting on the real world to make it closer to what we want in our Quality Worlds.

Jimmie Woods (M.S. Family Counselling) is a Senior Faculty member of the William Glasser Institute and holds the European Certificate in Psychotherapy. He has worked as a Guidance Counsellor with adolescents in a school setting for over 30 years and as a supervisor with school based Guidance Counsellors. He also works with adults in a drop-in centre. He has presented at previous national and European conferences.

Fibromyalgia case study – Dubravka Stijačić (Croatia)

I will present my work with a lady diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I worked with her for three years. At the beginning two times per month, then once a week. In the first three months the client was angry because there was no medicine for her illness. She was in resistance, at the begining she did not accept my suggestion to talk about her life and her relationship. After six months she stopped talking about fibromyalgia and started to talk about her life. So we came to a relationship that was not as she wanted it to be, and it was a huge frustration to her. After three years she came back to her life!

Dubravka Stijačić Mag. Social Pedagogue , Mag. Edu. Rehab Psychotherapist Reality Therapy, ECP Educator, supervisor and mentor Education: Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Science University of Zagreb William Glasser Institute European Institute for Reality Therapy. Work experience: Until 2016 I worked in Psychiatric Clinic Vrapče Zagreb as Head of Department for Psychosocial Treatment. As Head of that Department I organized and managed psychosocial rehabilitation for all patients in Psychiatric Clinic Vrapče. From 2016 I work in Croatian Association For Reality Therapy Counseling Center. I teach Reality therapy Psychotherapy Module and Counseling Module in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Finland and Malta. • President of the Croatian Association for Reality Therapy • Board member represented European Association of Reality therapy in William Glasser International • Member of the Umbrella Association of Croatian Psychotherapeutic Associations • Vice president of Croatian Chambre of Psychotherapy.

Using metaphor and story in communicating, counselling and teaching; Glasser’s hidden legacy– Ken Lyons (Ireland)

It is possible that Glasser was not even aware of the skill with which he instinctively matched his communication style to that of the person sitting across from him. Others were certainly aware of this crucial skill and taught it, wrote about it, and developed it. This presentation shows that everybody can enhance their communication skills by entering the magical world of therapeutic metaphor and story.

Ken Lyons has been involved with RT/CT since 1989 and has presented on Choice Theory topics both here in Ireland and at overseas conventions. Though he has thoroughly enjoyed instructing , particularly training new faculty, the memories he most treasures were the times spent role playing at conventions with Doctor Glasser; of whom he says: “He could see into your very soul”

How to Flourish in Our Highly Distracting World– Lynn Sumida & Jeff Brown (Canada)

In these times of massive change it’s vital that we be internally grounded and highly resilient. For many of us, the current challenges due to Covid, have dramatically revealed our coping patterns and specifically our habitual tendency towards distractions. This is a great opportunity to see ourselves more clearly and reconnect with what matters most in our lives. This dynamic presentation will introduce three key elements needed to really flourish: how the six psychological hungers and their destructive effects impact us, an understanding of the “levels” of becoming present, and the abundant energy you can create that will sustain personal well-being. With each of these elements you will learn a strategy that you can use daily, to support your resilience and ultimately your ability to maintain your internal grounding.

Lynn Sumida and Jeff Brown will present some of their latest work on creating the world we all want to live in. In order for our world to evolve we each need to grow beyond what is familiar. Lynn is a senior instructor and Jeff is certified in CT/RT/LM. Together they have combined their years of experience in helping people grow and transform. Jeff’s experience of living the “high life” showed him how profoundly distracting and unfulfilled that can be. Diving deeply into his own growth resulted in him discovering powerful ways to live everyday life with joy and ease. Lynn, is a Registered Social Worker (MSW) and NLP trainer, and has spent many years helping people break free from victimhood into a thriving life of authenticity. With Choice Theory as a foundation their work empowers people to more open-hearted, internally grounded and unshakably resilient.

The nuts of the feeling wheel in total behaviour – Andrea Polanco (Colombia)

As proposed by William Glasser for the explanation of total behavior, the ‘car’ has 4 ‘wheels’ which represent acting, thinking, feeling, and physiology. My proposal is to include, in the complex wheel of emotions, four ‘bolts’ that hold the ‘wheel’ to the ‘car’ of total behavior to help it move down the ‘happiness road’.

Andrea Polanco studied Biology at Javeriana University in Bogotá, Colombia. Following her degree, she moved to the United States to pursue a master’s degree in Science and Agriculture at Virginia Tech. Due to the contribution of her research, Andrea received an award for outstanding achievement in graduate studies. In 2012 Andrea started working at Rochester School as a science teacher. There, she fell in love with education and with Choice Theory; therefore, Andrea began to do a Doctoral degree in education. The research of Andrea’s PhD is about the emotional component of Choice Theory.

The power that comes from listening to the client’s story – Sr. Claire Sweeney (Ireland)

This presentation will focus on how deep open listening affects the client’s ability to tell his/her story and the therapist’s ability to respond in a meaningful way. Deep open listening is at the heart of discernment, wise decision-making, transformative action, and a purposeful life. It calls us to become open, centred, and a clearing into which the other can speak openly and know that he/she is heard.

Claire Sweeney is an Advanced Week Instructor of the William Glasser Institute. She has been involved in education in Ireland at Primary and Secondary level. She spent a number of years teaching in the classroom in Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Nigeria. She also gained valuable experience as Principal at Secondary level for twelve years. She taught a number of Basic Weeks, Advanced Weeks and Cert Weeks in Ireland and co-presented an Advanced Week with Nancy Dees in Oklahoma. Currently living in Belfast, her main focus now is spirituality.

Business Applications of Choice Theory in Times of Crisis – Shigeru Homma (Japan)

This presentation will share real testimonials of applying values-based leadership based on Choice Theory in the Japanese business sector during this global pandemic. As the global economy has been hit hard with the change in consumer behavior and how to go about the business itself, Achievement Corporation has continued to share the fundamentals of Choice Theory with business leaders who face tough business decisions during this time of crisis. Using crisis as an opportunity, we have witnessed many organisations thrive by pivoting and leading their teams to record success. Through this session, we will be sharing the fundamental principles of success with studies of how managers were able to lead their teams.

Shigeru Homma is one of the managers at Achievement Corporation, overseeing Global Development, Digital Solutions, and Marking Promotion teams. Before joining Achievement, Shigeru has had experience working in the industry as a trainer and lean consultant for global enterprises in lean manufacturing and product development. He also holds many experiences working in the education sector(K-12) as a business administrator. As a firm believer of Choice Theory, Shigeru holds a strong passion for sharing the applied principles of Choice Theory in business organisations. He is currently spearheading initiatives at Achievement Corporation to share its services outside of Japan to help business leaders and managers develop their organisations based on lead management.


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