Online Sessions

Online Sessions for Members

We are happy to announce plans to run a series of online sessions for members of WGII starting in the autumn. These will probably take place once a month during the winter months and are intended only for members of WGII. The aim is to provide an opportunity to deepen understanding of Choice Theory and its applications with the chance of exchanging views with faculty and other members.

We would love to hear your preferences and ideas for the forthcoming sessions. Please click the following link to take a brief survey. Your views and preferences are important for us.


IMPORTANT: These meetings are intended for MEMBERS ONLY. If you are not a member or have not renewed your membership, please click the following link to join or renew your membership.


If you are currently in RT/CT training, you should have free trainee membership and will have access to the sessions during your period of membership.

The sessions will be offered through the Zoom platform. You do not need to be a member of Zoom or have a subscription to it. Members will be sent a link to each meeting in the week before the session.

The actual programme for the first of these sessions will be announced during the summer.


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